Stop What You’re Doing and Play Ms. Pac-Man in Google Maps

April 1st is tomorrow, so it’s only natural for the web to start the eruption of pranks and gags everywhere. Google never seems to disappoint, and this year is no exception. In the Maps app for phones and tablets, the company has placed a mini Ms. Pac-Man game that basically resembles the real thing. You’ll be taken to a random place on the map which will act as your course. Through a series of swipes, you’ll collect dots and eat ghosts. You even have 5 lives to work with. And yes, cherries do eventually pop up.

To access Ms. Pac-Man, just tap the little pink dot on the right side of your screen. This isn’t just for Android either, as some iOS report not only seeing the spoof but are able to select their own map to play off of. Maybe Google will bring this option over to Android tomorrow.

Across the internet, April Fools Day is just plain stupid fun. Something like Ms. Pac-Man popping up in Maps only makes sense. I’m sure many more gags will surface as well, but this one will by far be my favorite.