Twitter No Longer Counts @Usernames As Characters in Replies to Tweets

Twitter said they were working on the feature last year, and now the social media platform is enabling the removal of @usernames in replies for all. This means that when replying to someone’s tweet, @mentions won’t count as characters, while a little banner will appear above your reply indicating who you’re talking to. If more than one username is in context, you’ll see a message saying something like, “Replying to @mbeddedmaximum and 1 other.”

Remember how we told you we were working on ways to let you to express more with 140 characters? Since then, we’ve introduced two updates, and today we’re rolling out another. Now, when you reply to someone or a group, those @usernames won’t count toward your Tweet’s 140 characters.

Twitter says this method of change makes it easier for users to follow conversations. Personally, I don’t entirely agree as I like to see prominently who someone’s talking to rather having to squint and see who’s involved. Plus, you don’t get to see everyone at once (in other words, more than one person at a time) which I find pretty frustrating. You may disagree, but I think if Twitter just didn’t count @mentions at all in tweets as characters, we’d all be better off.


The updated interface is now rolling out to all users of Twitter across platforms.