Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and S8+ Will Ship with $99 AKG Headphones

We recently saw a collaboration between the two companies with the Galaxy Tab S3, and now we get to see another result of Samsung and Harmon AKG’s friendship: $99 earbuds.

These earbuds will be shipping with every Galaxy S8 and S8+ and will be sold on the side for just under $100. Samsung says they feature “uncompromised audio for unbeatable sound quality” and a “comfortable hybrid canal fit for better noise cancellation.” The company also says they’ll be tangle-free, but we’ll have to see about that…

In case you’re wondering, they’ll plug into your S8 via a headphone jack and not the USB-C port or over the dual-band Bluetooth. Many have featured higher quality headphones in the boxes of their smartphones such as LG and HTC, so it’s nice to see Samsung taking this initiative as well.

We don’t exactly know when they’ll launch, but these AKG-powered headphones should land on the same day as the S8, April 21st.