Here’s What We Know About Sony’s Upcoming Venom Spinoff So Far

We heard about Sony’s ongoing plans to bring a dedicated Spider-Man spinoff film centered around Venom and the fact that the movie is actually happening. It even has a release date for October 5, 2018. Since then, we’ve gained a bit more insight into the details surrounding the project, so here’s what we know so far regarding the upcoming Spidey spinoff.

It may be a horror/sci-fi film

Much like other films that have come out in recent memory (think Life if you’ve watched TV in the past two weeks), Venom may become a film categorized as horror/sci-fi. According to the film’s listing on My Entertainment World, Sony may be bringing a more graphic version of the popular symbiote-infected villain to the big screen rather the screechy, alienated version we find in the comics and in 2007’s Spider-Man 3. In fact, Eddie Brock may not even be the man behind the mask. We’ve seen the likes of Flash Thompson and others as Venom, so there’s no telling what Sony has in store. But as of now, it looks like Venom may be a bit scarier than a younger audience will appreciate.

Venom could begin shooting this fall

Also found in the Venom listing on My Entertainment World is a timeframe for when we can expect the film to begin shooting. On the webpage, it says the movie will begin filmimg come Fall 2017. This kind of seems like Sony is rushing the film, but I guess we’ll have to trust the studio’s decisions and hope for the best.

In this case, we should learn soon who will be portraying Venom and possibly Spider-Man himself (there’s no guarantee he’ll be in the movie, but you never know). We’ll let you know when that information surfaces.

Sony may want an R-rating for Venom

Think about it. Deadpool was a major success and Logan is reaching this mark as well. Why wouldn’t Sony want another R-rated Marvel movie?

Sure, it makes sense in this regard, but you can also think of it this way: Venom may wind up being a horror flick. If so, there’ll probably be gore and blood everywhere. It only makes sense to rate it R anyway.

This is still a rumor, mind you. And it’s pretty much a fan conspiracy. But it makes so much sense that we had to include it in this rundown.

Venom won’t be tied to the MCU

There’s probably something wrong with you if you didn’t see this coming.

In case you didn’t, yup, it’s true. According to a write at The Hollywood Reporter on Twitter, the upcoming Venom spinoff won’t be tied to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Kevin Feige is also not a part of this project.

Obviously, until we hear confirmation from Marvel regarding this suspicion, we won’t know for sure. But as of now, for anyone who wanted to see Sony’s new Venom clash with Marvel’s new Spider-Man, I’d like to formally apologize.

The new Venom film should be pretty interesting. Sony did have some sort of success when it came to Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man franchise, while the Marc Webb duo of films dubbed The Amazing Spider-Man performed rather poorly. The studio may be taking a different initiative by focusing on the villain first and the hero afterward (something new we really haven’t seen before), but with a standalone Venom film with no guarantee that Spider-Man will even make an appearance, things don’t look exactly peachy or set up properly so far.

But who cares. Spider-Man fanboys (like myself) will see it anyway come October 5, 2018.