Instagram Creates a Safer Environment By Rolling Out Two-Factor Authentication and Sensitive Content Warnings

Instagram is now taking their “safer, kinder” initiative to a new level. The photo sharing platform, owned by Facebook, has announced two new features to their mobile apps that will begin rolling out immediately: two-factor authentication and sensitive content warnings.


Regarding the former, we’ve known Instagram would eventually release two-factor authentication at some point since last year, but the company is now just making it available. Luckily, it’s now available for everyone to use. It ties to your phone number so when you go to log into your account, you’ll be prompted to enter a code which is sent via text message. Instagram will allow you to print out codes in case you lose access to your phone, while not everyone isn’t required to turn the feature on. But why not, right?

Touching on the latter, we’ve seen privacy screens before on other sites like Twitter. But since it’s Instagram we’re talking about, it’s nice to see some protection from potentially explicit images and videos.

While the company doesn’t exactly say what they’ll filter, content that depicts violence or sexuality will probably be prone to a sensitive screen before a user can view it. In addition, content that’s been reported to Instagram as sensitive will also receive this filter. This makes Instagram seem a bit safer and reassuring, especially when considering how many kids are on it.

You should spot these changes right now in Instagram on iOS and Android.