Facebook Now Lets You Go Live From Your Computer

Facebook Live has absolutely dominated the live video streaming market when it recently launched, and now another big change is arriving to shake up the category. The social media platform has announced support for streaming live video directly from one’s PC or laptop, therefore eliminating the need for a smartphone or tablet to be present.


When going to post something to your profile, Facebook includes a “Live Video” button which will allow you to begin broadcasting video captured by your webcam or external device. The company also supports gamers who want to stream their gameplay over Facebook, creating a pretty worthy competitor to the Amazon-owned platform Twitch. It’s worth noting that gameplay can’t be streamed from your mobile device.


All live streams from your PC will be viewable regardless of which platform you wanna use (iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, etc). With such an announcement, Facebook confirms that they’re serious about this whole live video thing. It’s the future for communicating messages or gaining new information, so it only makes sense to expand its availability beyond just your smartphone or tablet.