Google Details Android O Release Timeline

Google just dropped the first alpha build of Android O on everyone’s laps today, and it brings with it improved battery life, better notification options, PiP for videos, and more. But some may be curious as to when they can expect the updated OS to begin rolling out to everyone. Luckily, the company details the timeline of the beta program for O here.


As you can see in the graph above, the next build of O will arrive in May, likely during I/O 2017. This will bump the OS up to beta status and will probably get released to both developers and those in the Android Beta program. Then comes June when the third developer preview of O will be released and all APIs are to be finalized. Google will also open submission of O-specific apps to the Play Store. Finally, DP4 will arrive in July which will be a near-perfect build ready for finalization. After that, we’ll probably have to wait until late fall for O to be released officially.

Since this version of Android won’t be released until near the end of 2017, Android Nougat will have plenty of time to rush out to everyone who is entitled to it. That is, everyone on Android. This obviously won’t happen, but here’s to Nougat’s numbers spiking before O starts rolling out.