New Game Pieces Set to Debut in Next Version of Monopoly, Thimble Gets Booted and Carried Out in a Wheelbarrow

At the beginning of 2017, Hasbro announced an effort to have the public vote on which new game pieces to include in the next version of the highly popular New Jersey-based game Monopoly. Unsurprisingly, this helped them decide, and today the company announced the results.


As you can see in the image above, the T-Rex, rubber ducky, and penguin will all make their way to the money trading game. Unfortunately, this means that three of Monopoly’s previous ‘tokens’ have to be removed. In the same vote, the thimble, boot, and wheelbarrow were all cut out. I have to say, it’s kind of sad to see these well-known pieces disappear, but luckily most of the classics are still here.

Below is a full list of the game pieces making their way to the next version of Monopoly based on which were voted the most.

  • Scottie Dog Token: The best friend of Mr. MONOPOLY since the 1950s, the Scottie Dog token proved its popularity by receiving the most votes – making it the overall first place winner.
  • T-Rex Token: The mighty T-Rex token stomped its way into the new game, garnering the second most overall votes and making history as the first dinosaur token of Mr. MONOPOLY.
  • Top Hat Token: Coming in third place in overall votes, the Top Hat token – a staple in the game since 1935 – will keep Mr. MONOPOLY looking dapper well into the future.
  • Car Token: This 1930s roadster will continue fueling adrenaline rushes for Mr. MONOPOLY in the next generation of the game; coming in fourth place in overall votes.
  • Rubber Ducky Token: Coming in fifth in overall votes, the new Rubber Ducky token is truly all its “quacked” up to be.
  • Cat Token: Fans voted the Cat token into the game in 2013, and she clawed her way back in as one of the eight winning tokens, coming in sixth place in overall votes.
  • Penguin Token: Waddling into the game in seventh place in overall votes, the Penguin token is the new style muse for Mr. MONOPOLY.
  • Battleship Token: The beloved Battleship token represents the first round-the-world trip for Mr. MONOPOLY; securing the eighth spot in overall votes, this token’s legacy will cruise into the next generation of the game.

For more details on the poll’s results, click here. Hasbro will release the new edition of Monopoly this fall.