Samsung Confirms the Galaxy Tab S3 Will Cost $599

Samsung has announced pricing and availability for their iPad Pro competitor known as the Galaxy Tab S3. As previously leaked, the tablet will cost $599 when it launches on March 24th, with pre-orders starting tomorrow from Samsung’s website, Amazon, and Best Buy alongside other select retailers.

To be more specific, this price is associated with the 32GB, Wi-Fi only variant of the Tab S3. It’s unclear how much other storage tiers will cost or if a cellular model will be offered. We’ll, of course, let you know if we gain that information.

Again, while the Tab S3 does ship with an S Pen, the additional keyboard will cost an extra $129. Fortunately, the cost between the two products (around $730) is still lower than a 9.7-inch iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, and keyboard case combined ($847). Customers will likely gravitate towards Samsung’s offerings at their lower price tags, but those stuck in Apple’s ecosystem may have a hard time switching what with the S3 sporting Android. Whatever the position, Samsung’s case looks pretty plausible, so it may be worth a shot at.