Amazon’s Bringing Alexa to the iPhone, But You’ll Probably Still Use Siri

Amazon has announced a new update for their iOS app that will bring a full-fledged version of their Alexa voice assistant to iPhone users. The feature will be accessible via the Amazon app at the tap of a microphone button. You’ll be able to use it just like you can on an Echo or Fire tablet, with Skills, directions, weather information, music playback, shopping, and more being readily available with just your voice.

Since this is iOS we’re talking about, you’ll probably wind up using Siri more than you do Alexa. At least in my opinion, having to open a separate app and pressing a button is rather inconvenient to activate a voice assistant. This is why Apple built Siri into a long-press of the home button. And since this gesture isn’t programmable, it’ll hard to tell how many people are actually gonna use Alexa over Apple’s own voice bot. Of course, die heart Alexa users may not mind the hassle, but for an average consumer, Amazon’s solution may be a second thought if Siri doesn’t do what they want which, by the way, is a strong possibility.

Alexa will begin rolling out to Amazon apps users on iPhones this week. There’s no word on when Android users will gain the functionality, but we’ll let you know when that information becomes available.