Google’s Now Rolling Out the March Security Patch to Pixel and Nexus Devices

Google has begun rolling out the March 2017 security patch to both Pixel- and Nexus-branded devices. The two security levels published are titled 2017-03-01 and 2017-03-05. The former features 21 different bug fixes and security improvements, while the latter has 39 for a total of 60, with the most severe of which possibly enabling remote code execution when browsing, using email, or MMS.

As opposed to last month, the Nexus 6 and 9 are both getting the monthly security patch alongside everyone else (e.g. Pixel/XL, Nexus 6P/5X, etc). It’s assumed that since these devices are from the good ol’ days of 2014, Google isn’t paying much mind to them anymore, hence they won’t be receiving any more major software updates. Luckily, however, they’ll continue to receive security patches just like everyone else.

Full factory images and OTAs are available from their appropriate links, while each requires you to flash them to your device. Google has guides on each page on how to go about doing so.