It’s Now Easier to Launch the Google Assistant in Allo

Google has announced an update to their not-very-popular messaging app Allo which will allow those who still use the app to access the Google Assistant from within chats much quicker. Before, you had to type “@google” to access the AI bot. Now, all it requires is one tap of a button, making it a bit simpler for new users to access the feature.

Google is also adding a full-on GIF library to chats to make it easier to find the animated photo you’re looking for. “Just tap the smiley icon in the chat bar and swipe left to find the right GIF for your chat,” said the company. In addition, you can now type “@lucky” to send a random GIF based on a phrase you type in, while sending just an emoji and enlarging it via the built-in shout feature will cause it to animate. Not all emojis are supported (in fact, only 10 are supported at launch), but more will come over the coming weeks.

The update will first reach users on Android, with Allo messengers on iOS receiving the update soon.