Developers Can Now Hold Proper Sales on Their Apps in the Google Play Store

For whatever reason, developers have never been able to hold proper sales on their apps in the Google Play Store. They’ve been able to do so in the iOS App Store, but when it came to the Android platform, they’ve had to change the price of their app just to suit their limited time special. However, this changes today as Google has announced proper support for sales and discounts in the Play Store for apps.

Interestingly, there’s quite a number of restrictions in place for interested developers who want to mark down their apps. For starters, your discount must be at least 30% lower than the app’s current price, sales may last no longer than 8 days, they must run at least one full day, and you’ll have to wait 30 days to hold another one, while discounts on in-app purchases or subscriptions may not be offered. And for $0 sales, they won’t count as actual sales on a developer’s dashboard and won’t appear in any Top Paid charts on Google Play. Nevertheless, at least we now can enjoy proper discounts on apps that some may be hesitant to buy at full price (I’m looking at you, Leo’s Fortune).