Facebook’s Mobile Apps Are Getting a ‘Stories’ Feature, Too

As originally reported by Business Insider, Facebook has begun testing ‘Facebook Stories’ within their native iOS and Android apps in Ireland which allows users to upload photos and short videos to their ‘story’ each day, much like what’s already going on with Snapchat and the recently introduced Instagram Stories. Bubbles at the top of the app will allow users to view their friend’s stories each day, while filters, text, and effects are all available for editing. Oh, and in case you were wondering, you access the camera to snap your stories via a swipe-right from your Facebook News feed.

Facebook Stories work nearly identically to how Instagram Stories and Snapchat do. You have the same type of functionality, you can still DM your friends after viewing their story, and the photos and videos uploaded don’t show up in your main feed. So why make a stories feature for yet another platform? Users.

According to Facebook, the social network has more than a billion active users, meaning Facebook Stories has the potential to reach and be used by over a billion people each day, creating a much more capable environment when compared to Instagram Stories and Snapchat’s 150 million active users. All in all, this move is simply a capitalization off the various people who use Facebook each day. But with stories being more popular amongst younger crowds and FB being used by mainly your grandparents, it’ll be interesting to see how strong the company’s daily user database becomes.