Sony is Making an Animated Spider-Man Film Starring Miles Morales

Rumors surrounding an animated flick starring our friendly neighborhood web-slinger can now be put to rest as per a recent press conference, Sony has confirmed that an animated Spider-Man film is currently in the works. Surely, there’s gotta be something unique about it to make it stand out, right? Right. That’s why Miles Morales will star in the movie.

Yes, folks. The Black Hispanic Spider-Man introduced in 2011 after Peter Parker got killed off will lead the film and likely project a diverse image Marvel and Sony are aiming for. It’s unclear what storyline Morales will follow in the film (e.g. after Peter was killed or Miles taking Peter’s place totally), but we should have some ideas in the near future.

It’s also unclear who may be cast as the voice of the web slinger, however Donald Glover has been rather favored in the past. Pre-footage was reportedly shown at this conference where Morales was found fighting a “purple-and-yellow clad villain,” but we’re not sure who exactly this was.

Regardless, this film will surely steer clear from past Spider-Man films in terms of story line and origin and hopefully offer a fresh take on the teenage hero. Sony says a projected release date of December 21st, 2018 is currently set, so it looks like we’ve got a little less than two years to learn more.