Hidden Value Of Keylogger Software You Never Knew About [Sponsored]

Few apps in the world are as controversial as keylogger software solutions. Why? Because people are not that fond of somebody spying on their online activities. We don’t seem to have the same problem with cookies and context ads though for some odd reason.

Technically the reason is not that bizarre – targeted advertising provides us with value as we only get to see relevant offers. Secondly an Ad Block can be installed to prevent all kinds of advertisements from appearing on our screens

But, given apps like refog software still exist there must be at least some demand for them. Is there a chance these spy apps can offer more than one could expect? Perhaps we should evaluate their benefits first and make an educated decision later? A decision that’s based on facts, not emotion.


What are keyloggers good for?

It’s hard to evaluate the importance of an application without knowing it’s features and functionality. What can a keylogger app do, anyway?

  • Keystroke recording
  • Online history logging
  • Screenshot history logging
  • Password protection & recovery
  • Monitoring of apps and files launched, installed or downloaded from a PC
  • Monitoring of Instant Messenger apps like Skype or Facebook

Wow, that’s a lot of power! Imagine someone can gather all of this information about you? Every site you visit, all of your passwords and downloads, logs of messages – all of it. Apparently this is where the controversy starts.

But, perhaps, people using keylogger apps have full right to? Just think about the following examples.


Productivity evaluation

Imagine you have a business you’ve put your heart and soul into. And as for the last quarter productivity of several departments decreased dramatically. Is it time for the blame game? Who should be punished aside the manager? 

A keylogger can rid you from the obnoxious chore of crime and punishment role-play. You will know exactly where the bottleneck is and you will be empowered to undertake content and context-based measures.

Kids and their social media scandals

Every now and then a scandal pops out about a pervert or a cult that harmed children via influencing them through social media.

A parent can easily report this situation from happening and report possible violations granted the knowledge of what the child is posting about on social media.

The ethics of the dilemma

While completely applicable in a working environment among people who are paid to do their job, not browse through the web the trust issue in relationships dictates series of borders.


While the benefits of additional knowledge are undeniable one may only feel free to use a keylogger if and only if one sees it fit in tour particular environment.