How-To: Get Dolby Atmos Audio Support on Android 4.3+ Without Root

Dolby is known for creating excellent sounding equalizers and speakers for phones, tablets, laptops, and PCs. But normally, only manufacturers can treat their customers to the sweet sounds of ultra-clarity and deep base provided by Dolby if they choose. In other words, it’s up to them whether you get Atmos on your device or not.

Obviously, with a restriction like this, there’s bound to be a workaround for the unfortunate, right? There’s surely no lack of Google Pixel elements (all of which are exclusive to the Phones by Google officially), so why not make Atmos available to all? Well, thankfully, that’s what XDA developers are for.

Thanks to developer worstenbrood over on the XDA forums, a flashable Dolby Atmos ZIP file is available for those running Android 4.3+ and wants a louder speaker and better experience while listening to music. You need a custom recovery installed such as TWRP in order to flash the file, but once you’re done, you can enjoy all the beauty those who receive Atmos out of the box get.


As aforementioned, you need to flash the ZIP via a custom recovery, but you don’t need root in order to do so. This is great for those who don’t wanna bite the bullet and hack their Android smartphone/tablet.

You can download the ZIP file from here. After that, just boot into your custom recovery, install the ZIP, reboot, and boom! You’ve got Dolby Atmos on your Android device!

How easy is that?

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