Snapchat Overhauls App with Better Search Functionality

Via an article on TechCruch, Snapchat has announced an overhaul of their iOS and Android apps which enable better search functionality, a feature much requested by users. It’s a pretty simple change (there’s just one bug search bar across the top of the app which allows for easy access), but it’ll be worth it since users can now search for others on the platform and pull up their Stories, DMs, or profiles without having to shuffle through their possibly over-extensive list of friends.


In order to properly use the new search tool, you need to tap the search bar and type in someone’s username. Then, when the user you’re looking for comes up, you can either tap on the “card” that appears to shoot directly to DMs, tap on the present thumbnail to view their Story, or long press to access their profile. You’ve also got access to those you contact frequently as soon as you tap the search bar via a card-filled carousal, a feature that’ll also make it easier to communicate with users.


Along with the new search functionality, Snapchat is also now allowing users to submit Snaps to Our Story and have them verified by the team at Snapchat. They’ll then either appear in the worldwide Story or never see the light of day. Before, only a select amount of users could share pictures and videos on Our Story, but now that the platform has opened the feature to others, it’ll be interesting to see what becomes of it.

And just like before, there’s still dedicated Stories for important moments; but this time around, users can upload to these as well. Same principles apply, however, as the regular Our Story.

These changes are rolling out now to Snapchat users on both iOS and Android. Beta testers are seeing the features now, while those on regular builds may have to wait a bit.