HTC “Ocean Note” Wallpaper Leaks, Download Here

Earlier today, we got our first glimpse at what HTC may have in store for their January 12th event. Some refer to the device by it’s reported codename “Ocean Blue,” while others call it by it’s alleged title “Ocean Note.” Regardless of what you call it, a new wallpaper has been floating around online, and it claims to be the one featured on HTC’s upcoming handset…

The wallpaper reflects a darker tone than usual when it comes to HTC’s vibrantly-colored backgrounds found on devices past. It features purple pink-ish, and blue-green hues shaped into one big wave across the entire background. I have to say, I’m sort of a fan, but it’s not my favorite of all time.

Of course, many of you probably wanna get your hands on it, so you can download it below. Please note that we haven’t been able to confirm whether this is the real wallpaper found on the upcoming Ocean Note, but since so many are saying it is, there may be some legitamancy to this leak.