AT&T Will Increase Legacy Unlimited Data Subscribers’ Bills By $5 in March

Unlimited data plans are being phased out across nearly every major carrier, but that doesn’t mean nobody is still subscribed to one. Apparently, there’s still plenty of folks using AT&T’s older unlimited data plans, but starting this March, these customers may wanna consider a different option on the network.

In a report by DSLReports and later confirmed to Ars Technica, word has come in that AT&T will increase unlimited data subscribers’ bills by $5 starting in March 2017. Note that this only goes for legacy plans and not recently unveiled ones such as the unlimited plan which requires DirecTV.

As noted by Ars, this isn’t the first time AT&T has increased subscribers’ rates each month. Back in February 2016, the network had already added another $5 to the $30/month fee for unlimited data. Now with the additional price hike, the cost is up to $40/month. However, this cost is only for the data, as unlimited calls and texts added onto the data fee can total one’s bill up to around $90/month. And that’s for one phone. One phone.

And as always, if you manage to use 22GB of data in one month, your signal will become throttled and attempt to connect to a busy tower. Therefore, nothing else has changed regarding the legacy AT&T unlimited data plans other than the price.

AT&T says they’ve begun notifying customers that their bill swill be increased starting this March, but now the question rises: will customers remain on such old plans even though the price seems to be going up annually?

If you happen to be subscribed to a legacy unlimited plan on AT&T and have feelings about the extra $5/month, feel free to leave a comment or two.