This is What Will Happen to Vine After It’s Death on January 17th

Even though Vine’s life has ended, the app will continue to exist. It’s being renamed to “Vine Camera” on January 17th, the official shutdown date. The “new” app will still give user ability to record 6.5-second-long looping videos. However, you’ll only be able to post these videos to Twitter (where they will still loop). The wider network created around the vines will be gone.

If you want to save your vines, you’ll be able to starting January 17th through the iOS or Android app on your phone thanks to the site becoming a gigantic archive of all the videos created. If you want to put your archive somewhere you have a larger storage capacity, you can send the videos via email.

Wondering if you can transfer your followers anywhere? Well, you can’t blatantly transfer them to your Twitter, however you can link the accounts so your followers will know where to find you. There is also a new button named “Follow On Twitter”, an element that’s pretty self-explanatory.

For more information or if you have questions about Vine’s shutdown, here’s an FAQ on the subject.