Here’s Your First Look at the Redesign Coming to Windows 10

It’s been reported previously that Microsoft is currently in development of Project Neon, a supposed tweaked UI that’ll build on top of the looks already present in Windows 10. We haven’t been able to catch a glimpse into what the company is working on so far, but according to new screenshots obtained by MSPoweruser, we may have something to base our assumptions off of.

As you can see, it looks like Microsoft will be bringing back a similar transparent glass look from Windows Vista and 7 by implementing it in different navigation areas while also blurring it to make it seem a bit cleaner. A new design component titled “Acrylic” is reportedly being used for developers’ sake in order to make apps the way devs want them to look. In addition, a more immersive focus on HoloLens and 3D also seems to be taken place with Neon as hovering over different elements will result in a highlight, while looking at elements from within HoloLens or other VR experiences will likely do the same.

There’s also reportedly going to be a heavier focus on animations, and according to Mehedi Hassan, the writer of the piece surfacing these screenshots on MSPoweruser, they’re buttery smooth. This indicates that a more modern approach will be taken by Microsoft to deliver an even faster, more fluid UI and experience.


As you can see in the GIF above, something called Connected Animations are already being used in Groove Music found in the latest Windows 10 Insider builds. If you look, you’ll notice the artist’s artwork shrinking as the user scrolls down. This is apparently a part of the new UI changes coming in Neon, and personally, I’m a fan.

MSPoweruser notes that Microsoft won’t be overhauling the design of Windows 10 but building on top of it and making things better. Expect these changes to surface around the time Redstone 3 begins public development, but not as a part of the Creators Update which is reportedly scheduled for release this April.