Dish’s AirTV Player is a $99 Android TV with Sling TV, Netflix, and 4K

A while back, rumors began floating around about a possible set-top-box built by television provider Dish. Today at CES 2017, these reports were confirmed true as the company has shown off their AirTV Player for the first time. It combines Dish’s Sling TV service, Netflix, and over-the-air television based on Android TV to offer a custom experience for each user.

The AirTV Player gives you a single platform to access your favorite entertainment while maintaining that familiar TV experience you love. Easily access and browse your entertainment with one remote. Enjoy the flexibility to order new services, download apps, and integrate different sources of entertainment and products that fit your lifestyle.


Out of the box, Sling TV, Netflix and YouTube are preinstalled, but since its running on Android TV, you can install everything you want. In addition, over-the-air television stations are also available for your viewing pleasure. It’s made with the idea of integrating everything, so your OTA channels are in the same channel guide. However, the OTA channels are still separate from your Sling TV subscription, giving you the ability to choose your monthly Sling TV package based on the cable channels included.

AirTV Player integrates your streaming services in one place. Now you can get all the content you love, like Sling TV, over-the-air (OTA) local channels, Netflix, and more, on one simple and familiar platform. And because AirTV Player is supported by Android TV, you get instant access to a world of content and apps through Google Play.

The AirTV also supports 4K streaming, so if you’re subscribed to a service that offers 4K content, you can enjoy nice, sharp, clear picture. It comes with a remote which allows for voice search and has 2 physical speed dial buttons to Sling and Netflix. The AirTV Player is available beginning today for $129 with a bundled OTA adapter or $99 for the player itself.

The AirTV Player could help pave the way for Sling TV and other services like PlayStation Vue, in negotiating agreements to carry live programming from broadcast networks (ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC) and their local affiliates across the country.