Dell’s XPS 13 is Getting a 2-in-1 Upgrade w/ Infinity Edge Display

It seems Dell is working on an evolution of their 13-inch XPS laptop. Windows Central reports that Dell is making a 2-in-1 version, with what appears to be an Infinity Edge display. Currently, there are no other details about the laptop except the fact that there will be a QHD variant available. The laptop also made an appearance on Dell’s own website on a page still visible at the time of writing.

When Dell introduced the XPS 13 in 2015, it shed light on the path laptops would be following in time. Many manufacturers, including Microsoft, have granted companies with unique hardware and software to build on top of in order to innovate the next big thing. With the upcoming 2017 XPS laptop from Dell, we’ll likely see a new base for third parties to get ideas from and hopefully develop products that’ll hit the market sooner than later. Of course, only when consumers get their hands on the 2-in-1 will we know whether this is a good direction to take, but if 2015’s XPS is of any indication, this new upgrade may pay off significantly in the end.

Max Buondonno contributed to this article.