You Can Now Stream Live 360 Video in Periscope

Earlier this month, Facebook unveiled Live 360, a feature that will allow users to stream 360-degree video to Facebook Live using a special 360-degree camera rig and the Facebook Live API. However, this company isn’t the only one throwing their hat into the ring as Twitter has announced the presence of live 360 video in Periscope.

We’ve always said that joining a broadcast is like stepping into someone else’s shoes and seeing the world through their eyes. Today, we’re introducing a more immersive way to experience those moments — with live 360 video.

Currently, only select partners can stream the content, but the feature should open up to everyone in the coming weeks. Those interested in opting in early can join the waitlist here.

Live 360 video in Periscope works like you’d imagine: you can tilt and move your phone or tablet around and view different angles of the video your streaming, while those on desktop can interact by dragging their mouse. It’s pretty straightforward and works just like a 360 video on YouTube.


A badge on top of streams will indicate which ones are in 360 degrees.

The first live 360 video was streamed yesterday by Twitter user Alex Pettitt. It’s in by no means high quality, but you can at least see what he’s doing.

Twitter describes live 360 video in Periscope as “one step closer to actually being there.”

With 360 video on Periscope, you can experience moments with the broadcaster and take a look around — it’s one step closer to actually being there. Starting today, you’ll be able to join live 360 videos on Periscope and Twitter from some incredible broadcasters — getting front-row access at exclusive events, traveling to places across the globe, and getting up close with well-known personalities.

Competition between Twitter and Facebook has been especially heated in recent memory thanks to live video streaming. With each competing to be the overall dominant, Twitter already having a head start in the market, and Facebook creating one of the most popular platforms to share moments throughout your day, it’ll be interesting to see in the future who gets faded out, if at all. Each platform resembles each other a lot with features from Facebook Live being brought over to Periscope and vice versa, so at this time, it seems that either one needs to release a really compelling feature that’ll lure users in. To me, live 360 video isn’t the exact direction to take as many other companies are doing the same thing, but maybe something like what Hype is doing is the correct path.

You can learn more about Periscope’s live 360 video here.