Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 is Now Getting Bricked on T-Mobile

As previously announced earlier this month, Samsung has begun rolling out a software update to the Galaxy Note 7 that will disable Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and cellular radios for good alongside prevent the phone from charging. This all comes as a suite of reports over the course of a few months surface sharing details on units of the handset erupting into flames and causing injury.

T-Mobile customers are the first in line to receive the Note 7 update which weighs in at 113.75MB. Although the changes mentioned above are indeed present, the Uncarrier says in their release notes that the only “enhancement” present is an always-on notification telling customers what to do with their Note 7.

This update will send an on-screen notification about the recall with action steps to take and will prevent the charge ability of the device.

It’s worth noting that T-Mobile warns users to have at least 30% battery life available and an active Internet connection before downloading and installing the update, but since the software will brick your phone anyway, does it even matter?

For those wondering, Verizon and AT&T customers will receive this same update starting January 5th, while those on Sprint with a Note 7 can expect the software on the 8th.