Tim Cook: Apple Has ‘Great Desktops’ On the Way

Many in the Apple community or are just simple fans of the tech giant have questioned the company’s commitment to desktop computers time and time again, specifically referencing the now three-year-old Mac Pro more than once. However, attempting to “clear” any confusion regarding the matter, CEO Tim Cook has come out and said Apple has “great desktops” coming down the pipeline, whatever that may mean. You can read his full comment, which was posted to Apple’s internal employee message board and obtained by TechCrunch, below.

The desktop is very strategic for us. It’s unique compared to the notebook because you can pack a lot more performance in a desktop — the largest screens, the most memory and storage, a greater variety of I/O, and fastest performance. So there are many different reasons why desktops are really important, and in some cases critical, to people.

The current generation iMac is the best desktop we have ever made and its beautiful Retina 5K display is the best desktop display in the world.

Some folks in the media have raised the question about whether we’re committed to desktops. If there’s any doubt about that with our teams, let me be very clear: we have great desktops in our roadmap. Nobody should worry about that.

Whether Cook was implying the Mac Pro or even the Mac mini is anyone’s guess. But as you may have assumed, it’s likely safe to say that the iMac is implied here. As per the second paragraph, Cook specifically brings up the all-in-one desktop computer as their “best desktop [they] have ever made.” Therefore, it would only make sense for Cook to intentionally refer to the iMac in these statements rather the Mac Pro or Mac mini.

That said, we’re not entirely sure whether Apple could be working on a new Mac Pro or mini. It’s been three years since the former got refreshed, while the latter hasn’t seen an upgrade since 2014. Clearly, it’s time for some attention to be directed toward these products, but since this year’s Mac even didn’t include one single mention of something new for either piece of hardware let alone the iMac, it’s hard to tell when their time will come.

Nevertheless, it looks like we’ve got some time to wait to see what exactly Apple does with their desktop computer lineup. Surely, many of you are probably dying for a new Mac Pro, so the best thing to do now is cross your fingers and watch your Apple Watch tick away.