Facebook Messenger is Getting Another Facelift with New Snapchat-Inspired Camera

Facebook has begun rolling out a new feature to their Messenger application, granting users the ability to use 3D-style effects and tools to customize their photos for sharing similar to what Snapchat does with their platform. A variety of effects are available through a list view within the app and can be accessed via a newly placed dedicated camera button at the bottom of the app.

Today we are excited to launch a brand new, faster and easier-to-use camera with art and special effects to help make your conversations better than ever. Rolling out globally over the coming days, we hope you’ll be as happy as we are with the new experience in your favorite messaging app. We’ve seen that the way people are messaging is becoming much more visual. In fact, over 2.5 billion emojis, photos, stickers and videos are sent every day on Messenger.


Speaking of the new camera button, Facebook is also rolling out a brand new UI for Messenger, placing all tabs that used to run along the top on the bottom of the screen for easier access. In addition, either a tap of the new camera button or a swipe down from the top of the app will bring up the new camera UI where you can go Snapchat-style on your photos.

It’s even quicker and easier to capture and share moments as they happen. Imagine the Messenger camera as a powerful new tool that lives just behind your inbox. It’s always one tap away — whether you’re already in a conversation or have just opened up the app. You will see the shutter button center in the screen (we’ve dressed it up for the holidays!) a tap takes photo, a long press records a video.

With these new additions, it looks like Facebook is taking another swing at attracting the younger audience already fans of Snap Inc.’s offering. To me, I don’t think many will make the switch and start Messenger-ing their friends more than they Snap them, but then again, I’m not really into that whole game anyway.

Both iOS and Android users are now receiving the new camera and UI for Messenger. Windows 10 users can expect the update in the coming weeks.