Instagram Now Lets You Like and Block Comments

A new update rolling out to iOS and Android Instagram users gives greater control over comments shared on the platform alongside better management of private accounts that some may want to keep exclusive to a certain audience.

Starting with the former, users can now like and block comments on posts. This means that to show your appreciation for someone saying something nice, you can give them a like, while if you don’t want anyone to comment on your post altogether, you now have the option to turn them off. This will be helpful for company posts or pictures/videos promoting something.

Regarding the latter, you now have the ability to remove followers from your private Instagram account. Users who want to keep their profile accessible to a strict number of people will appreciate this decision in case they accidentally accept a follow request.

In addition, users on the other end won’t be notified if they’ve been removed from someone else’s profile so everything stays confidential.


There’s also one more addition coming to Instagram which allows users to report “self-injury posts.” This means that if you believe one of your friends or followers is struggling personally, you can report them to Instagram who will then be able to talk with them and get them help. This will, by all means, help many who tend to share unfortunate occurrences during their lives on social media.

All of these features will be rolling out over the coming weeks to both iOS and Android users. Windows 10 users should also see the updates, however it’s unclear when this time will come.

For now, download the latest version of Instagram for free from the App Store and Google Play.