Google is Separating News and Personal Info into Sections on Mobile

Google’s Feed (previously known as Google Now) has always shown helpful information regarding news and personal information such as calendar appointments, weather conditions, and (most important of all) birthdays. Up until today, this info has been organized into a single stream featuring various tappable cards, a UI that may become overwhelming with content not everyone likes. Now, to make the experience a bit more manageable, Google is separating curated news from personal info and organizing the two elements into their own sections.

Starting today, in the Google app on Android (and coming soon to iOS), your cards will be organized into two sections: a feed that keeps you current on your interests like sports, news, and entertainment, and a section for your upcoming personal info, like flights, appointments and more.


Regarding the two sections, one’s called Feed while the other is known as Upcoming. The former will provide Googlers with curated news based on recent search inquiries the search engine thinks you’ll like (don’t worry, there’s a way to tell Google what you like). The latter will display all personal information like maps, calendar appointments, package stats, and flight times. While that’s the basics of it, you can read more below.

The feed is an ongoing and updated look at the things you care about, keeping you updated with the freshest info on your sports teams, people of interest, music, and news stories. The more you use Google, the more tailored and relevant your feed will become. To update your interests and add others at any time, just tap “Customize” in the Google app’s settings menu.

For those in the U.S. — and rolling out to other countries in the coming months — we’re also giving you an additional way to tell Google what you care about. You’ll see a card in your feed that lets you select topics of interest that you’d like to see more info and stories on.


You can also toggle over to your upcoming dashboard for a dependable view of your personal info — keeping details of your daily schedule, travel time for your commute, package delivery info and more, all in one place. With the holiday travel season upon us, you’ll never need to dig through your email to find your boarding pass or flight info. Tap to ta-da!

While these are pretty small changes, it may be the biggest beneficial change made to the Google app for some. To me, I find the change not immediately pleasing, however likely helpful to an extent. This way, I’ll see all of my personal information I need in front of my eyes at a moment’s notice, while I’ll be one tap away from seeing the curated news I use to stay up to date on the latest happenings. Of course, everyone will feel differently about this change, but I’m personally a fan.

An update to the Google app for iOS and Android will bring the change. Latter users should see the update first, while those on the former will likely have to wait a little while.