Google Slashes Prices of OnHub Routers By Up to 40%

We’ve only got a week to go until Google’s new Wifi smart router hits the market, but they’re not yet letting go of their first attempt at home internet called the OnHub. They slashed the price on Amazon in light of their upcoming launch.

The TP OnHub router now sells for $117.49, which is a pretty big discount at 40% coming from $200. Due to large orders, it is currently sold out at Amazon, but it will come back in stock. The OnHub offered by ASUS is cheaper at $105.99, which is not sold out. This offering is a cheaper than what the new router will sell for, at $129.99 for one and $299.99 for a set of three.

If you don’t want to miss out on the new features, don’t be afraid. Google is rolling out an update to the OnHub padding support for Wifi’s mesh networking, allowing you to have multiple routers working on the same network and supporting each other. This feature is not limited between older models but can be mixed and matched with the new router.