GSM Unlocked Moto Z Will Receive Android Nougat in the ‘Coming Weeks’

Just yesterday, Moto and Verizon finally confirmed that Android Nougat was headed to the Moto Z DROID and Z Force DROID. However, unlocked users of the Moto Z were left out in the cold as the update hadn’t begun rolling out to them as of yet. Speaking directly with MBEDDED, however, Motorola has confirmed that Android 7.0 will hit GSM unlocked units of the Moto Z “in the coming weeks.”

While we haven’t been given any more information other than this, it’s nice to know that Nougat will eventually hit unlocked users of the Moto Z. After a week’s gone by of rolling out the software to Z DROID users, you’ll likely have another couple of weeks or so in front of you before your unlocked Z receives the latest version of Android. For reference, Android Nougat for the Z adds split-screen mode, a DPI changer, Doze on the Go, Daydream VR support, improved multitasking, and a revamped UI. You can view some screenshots below.

Update 10:18AM – 11/23/16: A previous version of this article stated that Motorola spoke with MBEDDED exclusively. It’s been brought to our attention that this information wasn’t correct and we apologize for any confusion. We have corrected the article.