How-To: Get the Google Pixel’s Icons on the Pixel Launcher

We’ve had you guys covered on almost everything you can load onto your Android device to mimic the Google Pixel. We’ve featured the system images, ringtones and notifications, official pre-loaded apps, and even the boot animation. Heck, we even took the time to create a hub where you can download every element of the Phones by Google for your convenience. Now, we’re back with even more customization ripped straight from the Pixels themselves, and this time we’re talking about those icons.

Yes, folks. Probably the most requested icon pack of 2016 is by far the round Google Pixel icons exclusively featured on the search giant’s latest handsets. We’ve had access to another exclusive element for a while now called the Pixel Launcher, but never the Pixel icons for some reason. Now, thanks to XDA developer EvoWizz, we have access to some of the official icons you’ll find on the Pixel and Pixel XL.The best part? This trick works with the native Pixel Launcher, meaning if you follow this simple guide, the new icons will pop up on the official Pixel Launcher. No third-party launcher required.

This is all thanks to EvoWizz who took advantage of the recent Google Pixel system dump. By locating all the files necessary, compiling an APK that works on a variety of devices, and publishing it on XDA, the public now has access to the appropriate icons featured on the Google Pixel. Unfortunately, there’s only 7 different icons featured in this component [Google Camera, Google Drive, Gmail (dependent on app version), Google Search App, Google Play Games, Google Play Movies (dependent on app version), Google Play Newsstand], however the developer plans on adding more in the future.

Nevertheless, if you don’t care about numbers and just wanna get the Pixel icons on the Pixel Launcher on your phone, check out the guide below.

  1. Download and install APK


The first step is pretty obvious, but you’ll need to download this APK to your phone. Then, make sure you have “Unknown Sources” enabled by going to Settings > Security > Unknown sources. After that, install the APK on your device like you would with any other APK.

2. Clear Pixel Launcher data


The next step is to simply clear the data from Pixel Launcher on your device by going to Settings > Apps > Pixel Launcher > Storage > Clear Data. This will reset the launcher to it’s original state which, in turn, will activate the Pixel icons from the APK just installed.

3. Revisit home screen


After hitting the home button and selecting the Pixel Launcher, you’ll notice that you now have the new Pixel icons on your phone without using a separate third-party launcher or icon pack. It’s worth noting that at least for me, I have access to five of the seven icons supported, however I blame Gmail and Play Movies for being a little too up-to-date to support the icons that were likely ripped from previous versions of the apps. Nevertheless, you’ll now have access to the Pixel’s icons directly on the Pixel Launcher and all it took was one APK install.

I recommend keeping an eye on EvoWizz’s XDA page to stay updated on when he updates the Pixel Launcher Icons APK he compiled. We’ll let you know when this time comes via an update to this article.

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