Download the Google Pixel’s Jaw-Dropping Live Wallpapers Here

With the Google Pixel, Google packs in some really sweet live wallpapers that definitely aren’t your average live wallpapers. They all come straight from Google Earth and grant users a view of different pinpoints around the world with beautiful 3D effects that give you different views of the same background. In fact, the company when so far as to create one of the Earth that displays a 3D image of where you’re currently located and what position the sun is in based on said location.

Unfortunately, these wallpapers were granted exclusivity to the Pixel and Pixel XL, but that’s not stopping developers from accessing them anyway. Thanks to a recent system dump of the Pixels, developer Quinny898 was able to extract the live wallpapers and compile them into an APK which he published to XDA that can be installed on a variety of devices. The only requirement is that you have the recently released Wallpapers app on your device.

By using the Wallpapers app and installing this APK, you can begin using the Pixel and Pixel XL’s live wallpapers on your own device. In total, there’s 8 wallpapers to choose from that depict live images of places from China to Rome to Outer Space. Below is a gallery of screenshots I took with each wallpaper, but I’ll tell you right now they don’t do the wallpapers justice at all.

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