Samsung Might Sell Refurbished Galaxy Note 7s Soon

A new report by Korean website The Investor attempts to shed light on what Samsung’s next steps are regarding the recent Galaxy Note 7 incident. According to the article, the company may be gearing up to actually begin selling the phone again, but as refurbished units this time around. This could mean that Samsung discovered what was wrong with the original Note 7 and fixed it for the refurbished models that likely used recycled bodies, internals, and components.

Samsung Electronics, which is reeling from battery explosions of its latest flagship smartphone Galaxy Note 7, is expected to sell the refurbished products of its handset from next year, according to sources.

“Samsung has not made a final decision yet, but it will likely sell the refurbished Note 7 units next year,” an industry source said.

Right now, The Investor says Samsung could sell the refurbished Note 7s in emerging markets where budget handsets are popular, specifically India and Vietnam. This indicates that Samsung could reduce the price of the Note 7 significantly, a move that would almost certainly be a requirement if the company actually plans on selling the handset again. But with the reputation that the Note 7 has gained over the past few months, it may be a harder feat than originally anticipated to accomplish.

In addition, the site notes that just like Samsung’s Anycall mobile phones from many years ago, the company may destroy a large amount of Note 7s to set an example for executives to produce a better product.

In 1995, Samsung Electronics Chairman Lee Kun-hee, who is now bedridden due to a 2014 heart attack, had 150,000 units of Anycall mobile phones destroyed in order to remind Samsung executives and employees of the importance of product quality.

While it doesn’t seem likely that Samsung would even sell the Note 7 again, refurbished models of the defective handset may one day reach the market. Of course, if consumers get their hands on them, it would be rather hard to carry them around since they’re practically illegal at this point, but who knows. We may be surprised in the end.