You Can Now Preorder Google Wifi for $129

Google has officially opened preorders for their new smart wireless router called Google Wifi. The device comes in at $129 for a single unit, while a 3-pack will run you $229.

Google Wifi provides buyers with a simple, easy to use, and affordable wireless router the company touts as being twice as strong as your average router. You’re able to control all of the device’s settings via an app on your phone, while 3 units of the router can all be wirelessly synced to provide an even stronger signal throughout your home. Overall, Google Wifi should provide users with a headache-free experience and a simple way to get wireless internet throughout their home or business.

Regarding where you can buy it, Google Wifi is available from the Google Store, Amazon, Best Buy, B&H, and even Walmart. You can click on their appropriate links to preorder yours now. Shipping times are currently estimated at 2-3 weeks, but you should have yours by the holidays nonetheless.