Apple May Release Two 5.5-inch iPhones Next Year with One Sporting OLED

A new report by 9to5Mac shares some insight into what next year’s iPhone lineup could look like. According to the publication who viewed a leaked report by KGI Securities, Apple will release not one but two iPhones with 5.5-inch displays. The difference? One will use the standard TFT-LCD display panel Apple’s been using for a number of years, while the other will use an upgraded OLED panel for better color reproduction and deeper, more inky blacks.

According to the report, Apple is expected to introduce three new iPhone models in 2017. One model will feature the OLED display, while two models will continue to use the TFT-LCD technology

It’s also said that 2017’s iPhone lineup will stick with the dual camera system remaining an exclusive to the 5.5-inch variant(s) and not make its way down to the 4.7-inch model. This is understandable as Apple really needs a reason to choose the iPhone Plus over the standard iPhone besides the fact that one has a bigger screen and a slightly larger battery.

If Apple does perform these actions, next year’s iPhone lineup, according to 9to5Mac, could look something like this:

  • 4.7-inch iPhone with LCD display and single camera
  • 5.5-inch iPhone model with LCD display and dual camera
  • 5.5-inch iPhone model with OLED display and dual camera

There’s no promise, but since the OLED-enabled 5.5-inch iPhone sports such an upgrade, it’s likely that its price will go up from the standard Plus’ current $769. Again, there’s no clarity into this theory as it’s not noted in the KGI report, but it seems reasonable enough to believe.

All in all, it looks like Apple may have some big plans for the 2017 iPhone lineup. Since it’s the device’s 10th anniversary, it’s expected that the company will do something big for their handset category, and it looks like OLED could play a role in such a move. Keep in mind that we’re still very early into iPhone 8 rumors and the information shared here should be taken with a grain of salt, but at the moment, the future of the iPhone looks rather promising.