Instagram v9.7 Brings New Features to Stories, Including Built-in Boomerang

Instagram has released another update to all three of their platforms (iOS, Android, Windows 10) today which brings the current version number to 9.7 and packs some new additions for the photo sharing service’s Snapchat-like Stories feature.


For starters, users can now use a built-in version of the popular Boomerang function provided by a separate app also offered by Instagram. Users can swipe between normal mode and Boomerang mode, while the latter will take a series of photos and create a GIF that can immediately be sent out to your Stories. It’d be nice to see this feature built into other areas of Instagram like the default method of sharing photos, but I guess being present in Stories is a start.

Next up, you can now tag users found in your Stories so your friends can see themselves later. Stories tagged with users will show up in those user’s Direct interface where the Stories will be available to view for as long as they’re live on Instagram. This will make interacting with your friends on Instagram more versatile, so I believe it’s a nice new feature.


Finally, a new feature currently in testing is live and called See More. This allows users to swipe up on verified Instagram users’ Stories to see more about the person via custom links. It’s unclear if this will become a feature for all users at some point in the future, but for now its only available to some of those who at verified.

Instagram v9.7 can be download to your device via the App Store, Google Play, or the Windows Store.