Apple Re-Released iOS 10.1.1 For Some Reason

In an interesting move today, Apple re-released iOS 10.1.1 with a new build number. This comes just over a week after the initial release of iOS 10.1.1 which brought a fix for a Health bug. It also comes two days after the second beta of iOS 10.2 came out.

So why re-release iOS 10.1.1, you may ask? Well, I’m afraid we don’t have that answer yet. It’s likely that some bug or security hole has been patched up alongside maybe two or three more, but that’s about it. In fact, this software update is so insignificant that you don’t even have to manually install it on your device. Apparently, it just installs in the background without a reboot required. In other words, your current build number (14B150) will magically change to 14B155 at some point.

As always, if you spot something different in this build of iOS 10.1.1, let us know via email at