You Can Now Buy the Google Home from Retailers for $129

Today is the day when Google’s answer to Amazon’s Echo home assistant goes on sale. The Home is now available for purchase from Google’s online store, Target, Best Buy, and Walmart for $129, $50 cheaper than the Echo.

Google Home is powered by Google’s new AI voice assistant simply called the Google Assistant. This platform is currently also available for use on the Google Pixel and Pixel XL alongside the rather controversal messaging app Allo. You can use the Assistant on Home to control your smart home accessories, get a daily briefing on calendar appointments, weather information, and what’s on your to-do list, activate your Chromecast devices to begin playing content, and more. All of this functionality is packed into a body that resembles an Air Wick air freshener with a speaker as the base, touch controls on the top, and lights that activate when voice control is in use.

If you’d like to pick up the Google Home, click any of the links below. It’s worth noting that the retailers listed here also sell the home assistant in their brick-and-mortar locations across the US and Canada, so if you’d rather pick the device up yourself, you’ve got the option.