Glide’s Upcoming Apple Watch Band Adds Two Cameras Strapped on Your Wrist

There’s no doubt a want from the Apple community in terms of a FaceTime camera on the Apple Watch. We thought it might happen with the Apple Watch Series 2, but as fate would have it, the feature was nowhere to be found. One company by the name of Glide saw the sadness that possessed many after the Cupertino company’s announcements back in September and have decided to do something about it. Hence, their upcoming Watch band called CMRA brings not one but two cameras to your wrist.

powerful-polished-preciseAs you can see in the above image, Glide built one camera into the strap which faces the user while squarely looking at the Watch, while a second is angled much wider for taking pictures and videos of those around you or scenes you need to capture quickly. For your reference, the front-facing sensor comes in at 2MP while the rear-facing is at 8MP. Glide claims they’re both HD sensors, however we’re not sure exactly whether HD photography or videography can be taken with the cameras if any at all.


Design wise, the strap is made of silicon and works just like any other Watch strap. The half that’ll go around the outer side of your wrist is pretty chunky since it houses all the internals for the cameras to work properly, while the half that goes around your inner wrist is as slim as Apple’s in-house variants. It’s worth noting that dedicated microphones, an LED indicator, and a quick-capture shutter button are all present on this band, while a flash of any kind is left to be desired. In addition, a built-in battery is also supplied inside the CMRA to provide up to two days of charge for both the strap itself and your Watch. This way, you can go a couple of days without having to plug in. And in case you like plugging in each night, Glide will give you a free $60 charging dock if you preorder.


All in all, this strap looks be pretty promising for those of you wanting to capture life’s moments on your wrist. That is, if you’re okay with the price…

Glide has priced the CMRA at a pretty hefty $149, a cost many probably aren’t willing to pay for a Watch strap. However, you’ve really gotta consider the full package. Not only are there two cameras, but an additional battery, a microphone, an LED indicator, and a shutter button are also included. Plus, you’re getting a free charging dock. I’m not trying to defend Glide in any way, but my thoughts, I believe, are worth noting here.

Spring 2017 is the expected shipping date of the CMRA which Glide says is due to the evaluation of production that needs to take place. If you wanna preorder your camera-equipped Apple Watch strap in Black, White, Blue, or a limited edition Gray and get a free charging dock, click here.