Deal: Verizon Will Give You 20% Off Any Phone w/ Code

Verizon is currently holding a pretty sweet deal where if you choose to buy a phone on their network, you’ll get 20% off. At checkout, you’ll have to punch in the code “SAVE20” (without the quotes), but other than that you can just order your next handset like you normally would.

What seems to be the rage around the web concerning this discount is the Google Pixel. It’s one of the most popular phones of 2016 and costs way too much (or at least in the eyes of the tech community). Therefore, if you choose to use Verizon’s code on this particular smartphone, you’ll pay $520 for the standard Pixel (down from $650) and $696 for the Pixel XL (down from $770). Of course, you’ll also be saving money regardless of what phone you get (whether it be a Galaxy S7, iPhone 7, or even a Moto Z), but this particular option seems to be the most popular amongst other publications and the general public overall.

Click here to visit Verizon’s website and pick up your new phone for 20% off.