Samsung Debuts ‘Blue Coral’ Galaxy S7 Edge, Only Available in Taiwan and Singapore (For Now)

One of the highlights of Samsung’s ill fated Galaxy Note 7 was it’s new color option called Blue Coral. It brought a different look to the market when compared to the various blacks, whites, and golds surrounding each phone’s enclosure. However, since the device has now been discontinued, it’s rather hard to find anything close to the color Samsung offers. Luckily, this look isn’t dying with the Note 7. In fact, it’s getting new life thanks to the Galaxy S7 Edge as Samsung has announced the latter handset is now available in Blue Coral.

Samsung today […] announced the retail availability of the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge 4G+ in Blue Coral, adding a stunning colour variant to this sleek and stylish device. Currently available in Black Onyx, Gold Platinum, Silver Titanium and Pink Gold, the new colour variant of the Galaxy S7 edge 4G+ features a refined design coupled with powerful functionality while encased in a cool blue hue.


According to Samsung, only customers in Singapore and Taiwan can currently purchase the Blue Coral variant of the Galaxy S7 Edge, however since leaks of this new look pointed to further availability across the globe, it’s likely that we could see this different shade here in the United States at least by ways of Verizon, the carrier who’ll likely sell the S7 Edge in Blue Coral exclusively. We haven’t heard any confirmation from Samsung about this possibility, so stay tuned.

November 5th is when the Blue Coral S7 Edge will launch, while in a 32GB storage capacity in Taiwan and Singapore, the price will likely be somewhere around $1,098. If further information rolls onto our news desk, we’ll update this article.