Yup, Microsoft Did Unveil a New Mouse and Keyboard(s) Today

With all the Surface Studio, Surface Book, and Creators Update buzz surrounding today’s Microsoft event, many may wonder whether they missed something. Specifically, many may wonder whether the company released the highly rumored new keyboard and mouse setup or not. Luckily, our job at MBEDDED is to catch you up on the latest and to confirm or deny your suspicions. And in this case, the rumors are true: two new keyboards and a mouse have been announced by MS. Let’s dive in, shall we?


First up, Microsoft’s latest mouse, appropriately called the Surface Mouse, may look a lot like the Designer Bluetooth Mouse with a gray blanket on top, but it’s definitely more than that. For one, there’s an extended Bluetooth range for better connections, while twice the battery life is now built in. This means that your battery won’t last just 6 months, but up to 12 months. A full year without ever replacing your batteries. Now that’s a world I wanna live in.

The Surface Mouse costs $49.99 and can be preordered starting today.


Next up is Microsoft’s first new keyboard called Surface Keyboard. This keyboard features a similar design to the Designer Bluetooth Keyboard, however a gray shade is on top and there’s a better wireless range for Bluetooth. No fancy battery life extensions are present, however an extension in price is present at $129.99. Preorders are now live.

Finally, Microsoft has updated their Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard with a new name (Surface Ergonomic Keyboard), a new color (gray), a new fabric covering the area where your wrists go (a two-tone grey mélange Alcantara finish just like what the Surface Pro 4’s typing cover has), a built-in number pad, two Windows keys, and a dedicated Fn key. Overall, this is a worthy upgrade over your current Ergonomic Keyboard from Microsoft.

This keyboard is also priced at $129.99, so if you’re looking to grab either of these new typers from Microsoft, I’d recommend this one. This time around, you’re not required to buy a mouse with your keyboard, so if you wanna get that new Surface Mouse, you’ll have to shell out the extra $49.99 on your behalf. Preorders for this accessory are also currently live.

November 10th is the official launch date of the Surface Mouse, Surface Keyboard, and Surface Ergonomic Keyboard, while it’s likely you’ll be able to pick the accessories up in stores soon after or on that date as well. It’s worth noting that if you pick up a Surface Studio, you’ll receive the Surface Mouse and Keyboard in the box (obviously).