LeEco’s Way to Debut in the US is Via a Self-Driving Concept Car

Some of you have heard of a Chinese company called LeEco, while others probably haven’t. However, neither of these stances matter any longer as the company has officially debuted in the US a tidal wave of new hardware. One particular piece of hardware debuted at their big event today was something you won’t find in your local carrier’s retail store or as an app on your phone. In fact, you’ll find it on the road. Yes folks, I’m talking about the LeSee Pro, LeEco’s futuristic, electric, self-driving concept car.


Although in all truth we don’t know much about this car, there’s some stuff we can talk about. For starters, the design of the LeSee Pro is simply stunning. It’s super shiny, looks really slick, and overall pretty aerodynamic. Second, instead of side-view mirrors, cameras are used to see who’s behind you and riding on your left and right. Third, an exterior light design is present to indicate which drive mode is currently active. Fourth, the steering wheel actually retracts into the dashboard of the car to allow more leg room when doing one certain activity which leads us to number 5: LeEco has built in the ability to stream content from the company’s library. And no, you don’t get it watch is as long as you’re a passenger. You could be the one in the driver’s seat and still enjoy the show. Sounds dangerous, right? Well, it could be if you’re not careful, but since the car can drive itself, you should be good. You know, unless you turn off self-driving. Then you’re in danger…


Nevertheless, that’s pretty much all we know about this car. We don’t know how fast it can go, what engine is under the hood – heck, we’re not even sure how far it can go on a full charge. All we know right now is that it’s cloud-based and syncs with your phone, is charged over some type of magnetic solution, and you’ve got all these sweet if not controversial features listed above. Of course, this is only a concept vehicle so plenty will change before this thing makes it to market (if it ever does, that is), but for now we’ve got our first look into what the future of LeEco here in the States may bestow.