Microsoft Could Launch the Next Major Windows 10 Update in March 2017

We’ve known for a little while now that Microsoft’s planning a couple of major updates for Windows 10 with the first of which being Redstone 2, however no release dates have been announced as of yet. On the contrary, according to Twitter user WalkingCat, several references throughout the latest beta versions of Windows 10 to “Version 1703” can be found. In case this isn’t immediately clear, MS tends to use build numbers as codes for release times. For example, July 2016’s major update had the build number 1607, while last November’s update had a number of 1511.

With this update, several under-the-hood improvements are likely to make their way to Windows 10 machines everywhere, while enhancements to Cortana alongside a new blue light filtering feature are expected to arrive. A new “HomeHub” app inside W10 may also make its way via this update which will allow users to control their smart home accessories. Not much else is known at this time, but Microsoft is expected to unveil more about the future of Windows 10 at their event on October 26th. We’ll be covering the day’s announcements, so stay tuned.