Samsung’s Telling Galaxy S7 Owners Their Phones Won’t Blow Up

In case you haven’t heard yet, Samsung’s shut down production of the Galaxy Note 7 due to it continuously catching fire for some unknown cause. With the small number of facts known by the company about the issue, this incident has no doubt affected their image as a smartphone manufacturer and some may wonder whether other devices will explode. For instance, users of Samsung’s other 2016 flagship the Galaxy S7 may fear that they’ll wake up one morning to the sight and smell of smoke filling their bedroom. Fortunately, it looks like the company is assuring users that these devices don’t blow up. A new report by TechnoBuffalo shares the claim.

One of our staff members recently received […] a push message from Samsung alerting him that the Galaxy S7 is not a dangerous smartphone. “Your Galaxy S7 is not an affected device,” the message reads. “The Galaxy S7 is not subject to recall. You can continue to use your device normally.”

Here’s a screengrab of the pop-up TechnoBuffalo is referencing:


The publication notes that it’s unclear yet as to whether other users of the S7 or even the S7 Edge are receiving the same message, but it’s pretty likely.

In spite of everything that’s gone down (or gone up… in flames) over the past few months, it seems only proper for Samsung to alert consumers that not all their phones explode. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if they sent this message out to S6 or S5 users just because. Overall, this is a really good move on their part to pave the way for (hopefully) a safe and non-explosive future and new image as the company who screwed up once then succeeded.