Google to Open Pop-Up ‘MadeByGoogle’ Store in Lower Manhattan in Late Oct.

Google has announced that they’ll be opening a pop-up retail store in lower Manhattan on October 20th to sell and show off their new products. This includes the Google Pixels, Google Home, Daydream View, and (possibly) Google Wi-Fi. The company’s never done anything like this before, so it’ll be interesting to see how it goes.

For now, we have very little information about this “MadeByGoogle” pop-up location. However, we do know it’ll be located at 96 Spring St New York, NY and open (like earlier stated) October 20th to the public. Since Google says this is a pop-up store, it’s likely that it’ll only stand temporarily. However, this may be an opportunity to get Google’s feet wet in the world of brick-and-mortar locations where Apple and Microsoft have been for quite some time now. If the response from the public is positive and strong enough, I wouldn’t be surprised to see more pop-up locations or even full-fledged retail stores open across the country with Google’s name slapped on them. Buy hey, that’s just me…

We’ll do our best to obtain pictures of this pop-up store once someone snaps them, so stay tuned.