Report: MacBook Pro Keynote Could Be Held Oct. 24th

A new, relatively sketchy report by The Apple Post has gained some traction recently, seemingly claiming that “multiple sources” tell the publication that Apple will hold a keynote on October 24th to unveil their newly refreshed MacBook Pro lineup for 2016. These laptops are set to include an OLED touch bar which’ll replace the Function keys on the keyboard, a Touch ID sensor built into the power button, as many as four USB-C ports, a slimmer form factor when compared to the MBPs we have now, and support for the latest-gen Intel Skylake processors and AMD graphics.

Since these “sources” remain anonymous, it’s really hard to judge the legitimacy of this report. Yes, Apple has held plenty of October events in the past (four out of the five past years have seen one occur) which hints at the possibility of the company hosting another one this year, but we can’t confirm this is the actual date. However, we are expecting the company to host a keynote some time around the 24th of next month as late October is the presumed launch time of the new MacBook Pros.

TAP also notes that Apple may be launching a new 5K monitor which will replace the recently-discontinued Thunderbolt Display. This rumor is very sketchy at this point as not many reports have come out regarding this topic, so take this with a grain of salt.

macOS Sierra 10.12.1, currently in beta, is rumored to be the updated version of the operating system for the Mac which will support all the new hardware found in the upcoming MacBook Pros. Previously, we saw hints at several elements of the new MBPs having support in macOS, so v10.12.1 will probably bring them to life when the upgraded laptops launch later next month. Obviously, we don’t this for sure, but we feel confident in this theory.