BlackBerry DTEK60 Shows Up Online via FCC Filing and Leaked Image

There’s been a lot of hype lately surrounding BlackBerry’s next Android handset known as the DTEK60. This smartphone was initially leaked just last week when someone at BlackBerry accidentally leaked the specifications of the handset, giving us our best look at what the phone will feature. However, the rumor train hasn’t come to a halt with this one surfacing, my friends. Over on the FCC’s website, a filing for a smartphone known as the DTEK60 has popped up. And while it doesn’t share any specs we didn’t already know about, it does confirm to us that the handset must be arriving in the near future.


While only the back of the DTEK60 can be seen in these filings, the FCC does confirm everything we’ve bene expecting the handset to feature: a larger 5.5-inch display, Snapdragon 820 processor, fingerprint sensor, and more. However, so far we haven’t seen any official sightings of the smartphone in the wild or even any renders or press shots. Of course, this statement can’t be used very often when you have an internet full of leakers, hence Even Blass, one of the most reputable and popular leakers in the tech industry, has shared with us a first look at the official DTEK60 logo and profile via Twitter.



All the way on the left of the image above is the supposed DTEK60 handset in all of its full color, high-resolution glory, while (obviously) to the left of this picture is our first look at the official logo of the handset. With the simple “BlackBerry” caption of the image, Blass doesn’t share many details about the smartphone other than it’s owned by this company. Nevertheless, it looks like we’ll be seeing much more of the DTEK60 very soon as the announcement approaches which, at this point, shouldn’t be very far away.